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SOCRAI learning platform helps you and your colleagues to have a cyber security mindset, So you can be aware and protect your company's data.

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Our cyber security services

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ANY - wave process

  • We scan your current systems & workflow.
  • We detect your company maturity scoring.
  • We improve your process & technology for better security.
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Cyber security services

  • CISO as a service
  • DPO as a service
  • GRC (GDPR, ISO 27001, NIS,...)
  • Business Continuity (BCP/DRP)
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Managed security services

  • You get 24/7 security operation center as help.
  • Managed detection response.
  • Prompt & proper threat management.

We provide this for your company:

Our cyber security services



Our cyber security services

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From the current maturity level, we take your company and people on a journey by translating existing processes and technology to the user so they do not only EXIST and might be KNOWN, but can actually be APPLIED. Your people get trained on cyber secure behavior @Work and @Home, for which they receive rewards. Through practical exercises, your people start to understand and develop the skill of cyber resilience.

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Once we achieve your base level of cyber resilience, we address gaps in your cybersecurity posture and translate the new processes and technology to your people, so they can be applied in their journey towards cyber resilience. The SOCRAI tribe at this stage consists of people helping people, resulting in mutual protection, through feedback and assistance, avoiding incidents and isolation.

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We learn the starting point of your company and of your people. What cybersecurity processes and technology EXIST; are KNOWN and are APPLICABLE by them ? The SOCRAI tribe helps to coach your people on their journey to cyber resilience.

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