Human first !

Investing in training and skills is key. This will lead to awareness and eventually change the user's behaviour.

Avoid isolation, make sure humans are capable of detecting suspicious behaviour and reporting events and incidents efficiently. Overall this will lead to a security culture.

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Continuous methodology

Socrai approach

Only when the triad of humans, processes, and technology (in that order) are aligned and understood, can a positive outcome on the security posture be expected.

Human aspect:

  • Investment in training ans skills is key. This will lead to awareness and eventually chanrge the user's behaviour (Tend principle)
  • We make sure that your people are capable in detecting suspicious behaviour and reporting events / incidents in an efficient way. This leads to a security culture.


  • Stay up to date of new attack scenarios and update your defense lines accordingly.


  • Keep risk management up to date.
  • Make sure your incident response process is up to date and fluid.
  • Use standards and frameworks to help you increase matuarity.
  • Make sure you comply with law and regulations (NIS2, GDPR,...)

Our approach

Our approach is strategically designed to enhance your organization's resilience against digital threats, transforming your security posture from reactive to proactive. Our services are tailored to attract customers seeking robust, trustworthy information security solutions.

Socrai approach 1st step
Audit and analysis of your systems, people and processes
Socrai approach 2nd step
Improving your people, systems & processes
Socrai approach 1st step
Detailed plan with a roadmap for your cyber security maturity

What do you get from us?

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You will receive a roadmap that is tailored to the level of your organization.

A clear overview of the improvements and priorities.

We strive for a good balance between structural recommendations and quick wins.

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