The people behind SOCRAI

We at SOCRAI felt that something was missing in the way that businesses deal with cybersecurity threats. Something VITAL that the industry was overlooking.
We call this 'HUMAN RESILIENCE' in cybersecurity.

Founders of SOCRAI

Why did we create SOCRAI ?

All it takes to make your cyber defences crash down, is for one team member to click the wrong link or open a compromised file. It's not that these employees are ignorant. Far from it. They're perfectly good at their job, but the trouble is that they're simply not aware of the threats and the risks of cyber crime. SOCRAI was created to help your staff about this important topic. SOCRAI's team of experts is made up of consultants with a wide field of expertise in information systems security.

SOCRAI's team of experts is made up of consultants with more than 25 years of experience in cyber security skills. These are some of the certifications they obtained.

cism certification


Certified Information Security Manager.

cdpse certification


Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer



Objectives for Information and related Technology

cisa certification


Certified Information Systems Auditor



of Cloud Security Knowledge



Certified Cloud Security Professional



Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Meet the partners behind SOCRAI. These are our awesome partners that help us run things smoothly.

Socrai team member

Partner of strong organisations.

Socrai team member
Robrechts & Thienpont

Enabling business by intelligent security.

Socrai team member
White Hat

IT Security

Egide  has a master's degree in Information Risks and Cybersecurity from Solvay Business School and works closely together with well known security practices to provide risk and security services. He is currently President of ISACA Belgium (Since May 2021) and has been a member of the board of directors and boot camp trainer for more than 5 years.
He brings an extensive experience in various areas of cybersecurity: governance, security systems, business risk management and information management.

Geert is an IT security expert with more than 20 years of experience in the Cybersecurity industry, working across vendors and resellers. He has a Master in Cybersecurity, Solvay Business School. He is also very passionate about education and working with his best friend and soulmate Egide on cybersecurity training and coaching.

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