“Digital trust can make businesses more resilient.”

December 18, 2022
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Society continues to become more digital at an increasingly rapid pace. What are the benefits for the business world, as well as the potential pitfalls?

That’s what Belgian media publisher Mediaplanet recently talked about with five IT experts, including SOCRAI co-founder Egide Nzabonimana.

All the members of the panel agreed that digital security remains a top priority across every major sector of the economy.

To ensure growth and continuity, businesses are always looking for ways to do things faster and more efficiently. And this often leads them to turn to fully integrated solutions.

But as different digital ecosystems and platforms become interconnected, the levels of complexity and risks grow too.

When everything is digitalised and automated, cybercriminals are likely to find more weaknesses that could allow them to exploit and abuse the infrastructure.

5G, for instance, is a technology that will transform our way of life. But it also means the impact of any glitch or cyber hack will hit us twice as hard. More data and more connections exposes us to more risks as well.

That’s why SOCRAI co-founder Egide argued that digital trust is paramount. Clients, partners and suppliers need to be able to trust in the safety and integrity of our systems. “Digital trust can make businesses more resilient.”

Due to the increased complexity, businesses will have to turn to external IT security experts even more than they currently do.

Because, as Egide Nzabonimana stated, companies shouldn’t just be thinking about the physical and financial damage that technical incidents and cyber crime can do to their organisation.

They should also consider the potential damage to their reputation.

Losing the market’s trust is easy. “And rebuilding your reputation is a painful and costly matter.”

Securing trust and ensuring resilience – through educating and empowering the user – that’s what SOCRAI does. Get in touch if you want to know more about how we can help your organisation too.

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