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Every year, cyber crime is estimated to cause damage worth up to 6 trillion dollars worldwide. In response to those threats, the business world continues to invest in growing amounts of resources in cyber security in attempt to keep the threat at bay. This becomes a never-ending "arms race" against cyber crime, IT systems become bigger, more advanced, more complicated and more expensive.

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The response of most companies is predictable and wrong.

After a cyber security breach, companies tighten their cyber security even more. Notably by securing the areas that may have been linked to the breach; securing affected equiment offline; contacting law enforcemement and or increasing their data monitoring and enforcing stronger passwords. But, no matter how much money you throw at your organisation's online security, the bad guys will always look for the easiest way in. They are constantly searching for the holes in the defences of your digital fortress.
There's something companies often forget about. The biggest weakness isn't the IT system... It's their untrained people.

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